May 13, 2023


Watch the original Indian girl slaughter video. Many people in the Arab world are looking for a video of the Indian girl’s slaughter that was published on social media platforms in the past few hours. It is worth mentioning that in this article we will get to know the details of the story in full, and find out the details of the killing of this girl. After the case became an issue of public opinion, where we will get acquainted in the lines of the article with the witness of the original Indian girl’s slaughter video, so follow the Fikra website for all the details in this regard.

The video of the slaughter of the Indian girl who was molded by the social media

The story that preoccupied many citizens in the Arab world is the story of the killing of the Indian girl that was shown via the live broadcast. Facebook, where the media in the Kingdom dealt with one of the husbands preventing his wife from creating her own account on Facebook and the rest of the other sites. Facebook has become an essential thing in human life through which he communicates with the people he knows, or makes new friends, so you find most people have personal accounts on Facebook.

Details of the killing of the Indian girl

It is noteworthy that after watching a video of their missing daughter being murdered in El Bagre, Antioch Province in Colombia, the family members were shocked, and by talking about why the husband prevented his wife from using Facebook, it is known that Facebook has many negative aspects such as the lack of privacy on this The site, where the husband stated that he prevented his wife from using Facebook because of the spread of marital infidelity stories in which the wife gets to know a friend from Facebook and a love affair develops between them, which leads to family problems and family disintegration, and may lead to the corruption of society.


Watch the original Indian girl slaughter video

We will now show you the official video that was published on social media platforms, as we will display the video available via the Tok Tok application in this direction, and the video can be viewed by clicking below the video.

With this amount of information, we bring you to the conclusion of our special article on the Fikra website, in which we presented you with a talk about witnessing the original video of the slaughter of the Indian girl. In the article, we got to know the video and thus conclude the article.


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