June 1, 2023

Foreign residents in Turkey think about a lot of things that make their lives easier and help them settle down, and the issue of buying a car in Turkey is one of the topics that foreigners are looking for here a lot, so Al-Fanar has prepared this comprehensive guide that deals with all aspects of car ownership in Turkey To foreigners, import, register, sell, and we will answer the most important questions asked on this topic.

If you are interested in buying a car in Turkey, we advise you to review this article, as it contains everything you are looking for and inquiring about.

Does a foreigner have the right to buy a car in Turkey?

Yes, definitely

Any foreigner can buy a car in Turkey

However, this is provided that the foreigner possesses one of the following two documents:

Short-term residence in Turkey “tourist, real estate or family residence…”

Work permit in Turkey

The car is registered in Turkey for foreigners through the notary public.

How to register cars in Turkey

In order to register your car in Turkey, you must present the following documents:

· passport

A copy of the passport translated into Turkish and certified by the Notary Office

Residence card in Turkey

A copy of the residence card

Note: The car showroom can register your car in Turkey in your name directly at the Traffic Department within the state in which you reside, and in this case the registration expenses are added to the price of the car.

Either if you want to register the car yourself, or you want to register your car that you brought from your country to Turkey, the following papers must be submitted to the traffic registration office in the traffic department in the state in which you reside:

Residence card in Turkey “short-term / work permit / temporary ….”

The traffic insurance policy for the car, insurance companies in Turkey often grant one-year insurance for your car, and it is possible through insurance offices and companies to obtain the best car insurance offers in Turkey.

TÜVTÜRK Vehicle Inspection Report, a vehicle inspection station in Turkey

· The vehicle registration document registered by the Notre

After that, you will get a regular Turkish plate if the car was purchased from inside Turkey


How to register a car coming from outside Turkey

If you want to import a car from outside Turkey, you need the same documents that we talked about, in addition to each of the following documents:

Vehicle temporary entry document (No.: 49/A):

If you brought the car from outside Turkey, this document must be obtained from the Customs Department, and the validity period of this document is only 15 days. During this period, the car registration process must be completed in your name at the Traffic Department.

Registration document issued by your countryTranslated into Turkish and certified by the Notary Department.

foreign traffic signs, to be exchanged.

If it is a foreign car brought to Turkey, it gets a Turkish plate starting with the letters MA

Taxes for buying a car in Turkey

Buying a car in Turkey entails certain types of taxes and fees, which are:

Vehicle registration fees in Turkey, to be paid once upon registration.

Vehicle inspection fee by TÜVTÜRK Vehicle Inspection Office, paid once every two years.

These fees vary according to the type of vehicle: commercial/truck/four-wheel drive…etc

Car engine tax, paid once a year, and its value varies according to the specifications of the car: engine size / date of manufacture, etc.

Traffic insurance tax on the car, paid once every year, and varies according to the type of car.

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The car tax is estimated based on:

Its price

Its specifications

· production date

· Vehicle Type

Vehicle use

Likewise, if the car is bequeathed or donated to another person, the ownership transfer tax must be paid, which ranges from 1 to 30% of the car price.

As well as importing exhibitions and car sales companies from outside Turkey, they must pay customs taxes that may reach 180%.

Note: Syrians buy a car in Turkey

For Syrians who have temporary residency in Turkey, some notary offices facilitate the purchase of a car in Turkey for them through a temporary residency card, provided they have a Syrian identity card and passport.

However, not all notary offices do this, so the Syrian should, before purchasing the car, inquire from the notary offices near his place of residence, or in their state until reaching a notary who agrees to register the car in Turkey for Syrians with temporary residence.

If the Syrian has a short-term residence permit or a work permit, you can do so like any other foreigner in Turkey.

Driving license in Turkey for foreigners

In order to drive your car safely and freely in Turkey, there are three ways to obtain a driver’s license that allows you to travel with your car in Turkey safely and without exposure to any legal violation in this regard.

The three ways are:

Obtaining a Turkish driving license

Convert your driving license into Turkish

Use of an international driving license

Other questions about buying cars in Turkey for foreigners

Here are some questions and inquiries related to our topic today: Buying a car in Turkey with the appropriate answers:

Can a foreigner sell, rent or lend his foreign car in Turkey?

Unfortunately, he cannot

All cars that have a traffic plate starting with the letters MA are temporary and cannot be sold, donated or leased officially.

As for the Turkish car, you can do all the previous procedures regarding it.

Who has the right to drive a foreign car in Turkey?

The person in whose name the vehicle was registered

– the wife

Parents and grandparents

Children and grandchildren

A brother is not entitled to drive his brother’s car, just as no person other than those mentioned above has the right to drive a foreign car, and doing so is considered a violation of the law that causes the payment of a material fine and the seizure of the car.

I have a car in Turkey and I want to take it out of Turkey, how do I do that?

Visit the traffic registration office, hand over the temporary traffic document and traffic plates, collect your registration document and traffic plates “exported from outside Turkey” and then you will be given a temporary exit document valid for seven days.

One of the factors of stability is that you buy a car in Turkey, or you register your car in it during your visit to Turkey, and all of these matters need careful detailing that we have fully included in this article, in addition to information about obtaining a driving license in Turkey or converting your driving license to Turkish And we answered the most important questions related to buying cars in Turkey.

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