June 1, 2023

PAPARA Electronic Bank added a new way to verify the information and data of applicants for the bank’s card, in light of the spread of fraud and theft of personal data.

The new step is to impose a photograph of the applicant’s face directly and sideways, and the person with the ID must apply by himself, that is, no other person can appear in the face verification process during the application.

What is the PAPARA card?

After preventing the work of PAYPAL in Turkey, there was a strong rift and inability in the issue of payment via the Internet, and they even issued the İNİNAL card, but it did not fill the gap left by PAYPAL, and when the people discovered that they would not fill this void, they issued something called PAPARA.

It is an electronic wallet that makes it easier for you to buy and sell through the Internet and practical life, and you can shop at any time you want, and you can also receive money at any time.

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