May 21, 2023

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The Netherlands, England and Germany temporarily closed their consulates in Istanbul for security reasons. After that, the Consulate General of France in Beyoglu was temporarily closed for security reasons. The French Pierre Loti High School also announced the suspension of studies for security reasons.

After these developments, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu made important statements during a press conference. Claiming that a psychological war had broken out against Turkey, Soylu said, “The story is this; An intelligence officer from a different country offered job opportunities to a few people believed to be members of ISIS in Turkey. Our state has clearly followed that moment. He made several trips, then the intelligence officer left Turkey, and when this intelligence officer could not get what he wanted, he marketed this information to the country that gave the information and the first reaction, and the Republic of Turkey knows who the intelligence officer is. 15 people have been arrested.

He added, “The ambassadors who signed the text when they were unable to get the wanted people out of prison, and the ambassadors who wanted to carry out a legal operation against Turkey, are now trying to carry out a terrorist operation against Turkey.”

“We know who is feeding terrorist organizations. The United States of America is feeding the PKK and the Democratic Union Party. America and the West, which have been feeding them with money, logistics and human resources for years, have not given up on their dream. to establish a terrorist state. America and the West do not want us to be independent and free in this geography. ”

In the end, he indicated that in 2023, 60 operations were carried out against ISIS and 95 people were arrested. And in 2022, 1,042 operations were carried out and more than 600 people were arrested.

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