May 21, 2023

Istanbul received 16 million and 18 thousand and 726 foreign tourists during the past year 2022.

The data of the Directorate of Culture and Tourism in Istanbul showed that the number of foreign tourists who visited the city increased by 77 percent compared to 2021, which witnessed the visit of 9 million, 25 thousand and 4 visitors.

11 million 296 thousand and 941 tourists arrived in the city through Istanbul International Airport, while the share of Sabiha Gokcen Airport out of the total number of tourists coming to Istanbul was 4 million 470 thousand and 890, and Ataturk Airport 17 thousand and 349 thousand tourists.

In terms of the nationalities of the most visited tourists to Istanbul, during 2022, the Russians topped the list with one million and 495 thousand and 24 tourists, followed by the Germans with one million and 237 thousand and 314, then the Iranians with one million and 97 thousand and 993 visitors.

And the Turkish Minister of Treasury and Finance, Nureddin Nabati, had stated earlier that his country had received 51.4 million tourists, while its tourism revenues amounted to 46.3 billion dollars, during 2022.

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