May 21, 2023

The Turkish government said on Wednesday that it will announce new procedures regarding the renewal of tourist residency for Syrians who have expired passports without the need to renew their passports at the regime’s consulate.

The head of the Immigration Department, Savaş Onlu, said during a meeting with the Syrian Joint Committee of the National Coalition that they do not see it appropriate for Syrians in Turkey to go to the consulate of the Assad regime, from which they originally fled, to renew their passports in order to obtain tourist residency.

Onlu added that the Immigration Department will take serious measures in this regard, stressing that they are about to put forward a set of procedures that will be announced after Eid al-Adha, including obtaining a work permit for Syrians in Turkey.

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He pointed out that the Immigration Department is working to launch a new work system for taking appointments in the divisions designated for temporary protection card holders, so that the process becomes easier, and Syrian refugees do not have to search through brokers or intermediaries, by taking appointments through a special application on the mobile phone and obtaining Special date code.

Regarding the request of the Syrian side in the committee to address the issue of travel permits and the movement of media professionals, Unlu stressed that they will study the issue of freedom of movement, especially those working in the field of media and civil society organizations.

In her turn, the committee’s communication director, Enas al-Najjar, told Syria TV that the joint Syrian-Turkish committee held a meeting today, Wednesday, in the Turkish capital, Ankara, which included the Secretary-General of the Coalition, Abdel Basset Abdel Latif, and members of the joint committee with the Director General of the Turkish Immigration Department, Savaş Onlu.

Al-Najjar added that the meeting discussed the situation of Syrians in Turkey, the general problems facing most of them, and how to work to solve these problems and improve their working conditions.

Source: Syria TV

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