May 31, 2023

Resurrection of Othman 115

Othman 114, translated into Arabic, is one of the most popular series on Google during the past hours, with the approaching date of showing the weekly episode of the Othman series, episode 114, translated on Wednesday, as the audience is eager to know what the events will follow after the conflict intensified in Othman 114 between Sultana Asmahan, the Seljuk state, and Ibn Ertuğrul. In the founder Othman series, episode 114, with Arabic subtitles.

The content of the message of the Mongol leader Nayman, which he sent to Sultana Asmahan, came to impose a penalty on the Turkish tribes, which is to pay the value three times more than it was in the past.

And also the approval of a ransom for Mr. Othman in exchange for the death of Samagar, and Commander Naiman demanded the head of Mr. Othman, and at the same meeting and at the time of the gathering of the gentlemen, the goal and the great instinct that prompted Sultana Asmahan to hold this emergency meeting, unlike the letter, were revealed.

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