May 31, 2023

A video revealed the existence of a fleet of cars of major brands hidden in one of the garages in an abandoned mall.

The “Cairo 24” website revealed the presence of cars belonging to the “Ezz Al-Arab” group of companies, including brands such as “DS, Mercedes, and others,” located inside one of the garages in a closed mall on the desert road.

The videographer confirmed that while he was passing in front of one of the garages owned by “Ezz Al-Arab”, he found these cars, after many car dealerships denied that they had cars in the first place, in order to hand them over to the detainees whose dream has become to get their car after they collected their money with effort and fatigue for years, and perhaps Some borrowed money to pay for it.

And with the pioneers of social networking sharing pictures inside the dealerships’ stores themselves, customers have the right to accuse their agents of counterfeiting about what they call “lack of cars.”

The Ezz Al-Arab official did not reveal the cause of the problem that impeded the entry of cars, explaining at the same time that all cars are allocated to clients, saying: “We deliver them, and they are not hidden and there is no need.”

Source: Cairo 24

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