May 31, 2023

Some reports revealed that the color, size, and shape of the plate you eat from can make a difference in how much you eat, thus aiding in weight loss.

And if you’re hoping to lose weight, switching your dishes can really make a difference, according to the British “Express” website, quoting the founders of Peyton & Tyler, an online premium home appliances hub.

Peyton & Tyler founders said: “According to research and countless experts, the dish you choose can have an incredibly powerful effect on the taste of your meal. Yes, the color and shape of a dish can make us think that food tastes sweeter, tastier, and more intense, and in some cases, it can affect how much you eat.”

Lots of research suggests that red dishes encourage you to eat less, so this is the right choice if you’re trying to lose a few pounds.

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The experts at Peyton & Tyler said: “Because we associate the color red with danger, these dishes seem to act as a deterrent to food cessation … The effects of dishes on our food are subtle but they are certainly present. Choosing the perfect dish depends on what you’re cooking, the flavors you want to enhance and what works for you.”

And if losing weight is not your goal and you are more focused on improving the flavors of your food, you should stick to black or white dishes.

The experts noted: “If you are a fan of TV cooking shows, it is very likely that you have seen crispy black dishes. In stark contrast to the traditional white round dishes, these modern alternatives can make any meal special!

And black dishes are not only trendy, they will make your food more luxurious and increase the delicious flavours, it seems.

The experts explained: “Studies have also found that black dishes enhance complex judgments regarding food (more specifically: quality and liking), while they are thought to specifically enhance savory flavours.”

All in all, black dishes make our delicious food more satisfying, while convincing our subconscious mind that it is more luxurious.

Green dishes also make you think your meal is healthy, even when it isn’t, according to experts. In addition, the color blue may also reduce appetite since there are few blue foods found in nature.

Source: Express

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