May 29, 2023

The scenes published by Turkish media of a car placed in a garbage container in the Başakşehir area, north of Istanbul, aroused the curiosity of many citizens.

Social media pioneers wondered why the car was placed in this way on top of a number of garbage containers in the Aktli Industrial Area.

A video showed a crane placing a car known as “Shaheen” on top of a garbage container.

Media outlets later mentioned the reason for this incident, as they said that the owner of a maintenance shop was angry that the aforementioned car had been parked for a period of time in front of his shop, despite his warning to the owner.

She said that the owner of the shop warned the owner of the car that he would put it in the trash if he did not remove it from its place, but after two days he carried out his threat with the help of a crane and placed it on top of the containers.

Later, security intervened and moved the car to a closed parking lot in the aforementioned industrial area.

Trader Bekir Ruşvanoğlu said they had a problem with parking at the industrial site.

He added, “The car remained in front of our shop for two days, and the security did not help us remove it, and we had to remove it and put it in the trash, after which the security intervened and moved it to a parking lot,” indicating that they are trying to find the owner of the car.

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