May 31, 2023

Syrian artist Hani Shaheen revealed the deterioration of his living conditions after his retirement and his exclusion from drama in recent years due to his old age.

Where he broke his silence and talked about his poor situation during a press interview with the journalist, Attia Awad: “Malhoush sat at home without work. It is my punishment as an actor after all that I presented during my career.”

He added: “For twenty days, my wife and I have been living on oil and thyme. My pension from the syndicate is fifty thousand, and fruits and meat have been in my house for a year.”

The audience interacted with Hani Shaheen’s condition, and many businessmen resorted to his help, as the journalist who covered the meeting wrote: “I swear by God, Irfan, what do you say, less than an hour after presenting the episode of the artist Hani Shaheen? Dozens of calls from artists, directors, businessmen, doctors, and even simple people love They offer anything to the able artist, and the best news is that we will see the artist Hani Shaheen with more than one work during the month of Ramadan, and by God the Great, we are good people and we only have some money.

Hani Shaheen assumed the role of “Nuri” in the Syrian series “Bab Al-Hara”, and his acting won the admiration of millions of viewers.

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