May 21, 2023

Local media sources said that as a continuation of the Skilled Hands project for training and employing Syrian youth, one of the states has begun implementing the first steps on the ground.

The sources said, according to Turkey Today’s follow-up, that the state of Sanliurfa has begun to receive Syrian refugees who wish to join the “Skilled Hands” project and obtain certificates of professional competence.

And the state stated in a statement that it will raise the amount of support allocated to the employer to 290 euros, and as for the private insurance premiums for each Syrian refugee, it will amount to 155 euros.

She indicated that the duration of the pre-job training project will last for 6 months and will be in cooperation with highly experienced people in 146 fields whose teaching is approved.

The Turkish Chamber of Merchants and Stock Exchange in the state of Kayseri launched the “Skilled Hands” project, which will work on mapping the job capabilities of Syrians and securing jobs for a number of them in 12 Turkish states.

The project guarantees an opportunity for Syrian refugees to be employed for the first time, as the Chamber of Commerce and Stock Exchange, led by the Turkish Economic Policy Trust (TEPAV), will implement the project.

The project’s steps will include identifying the professional capabilities of 30,000 Syrians, while the program will employ 3,000 of them.

The program will encourage companies to hire Syrians, as it will cover 12 Turkish states: Adana, Gazi, Gaziantep, Mersin, Sanliurfa, Izmir, Istanbul, Hatay, Kayseri, Bursa, Kilis, Konya, Mardin and Mersin, and 65 percent of the participants will be Syrians under Temporary protection, and 35 percent of the Turks until it reaches 20 thousand people.

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