May 17, 2023

A study prepared by the National Institutes of Health in the United States revealed that pregnant women who received the Corona vaccine can pass protective antibodies to their children in the womb and through breast milk, which may provide protection for newborns from the virus when they are more vulnerable, and the results indicated that vaccination Vaccine pregnant women are safer and more protected from infection with the coronavirus. This is according to the “Insider” website.

The study results confirm that the scales are tipped in favor of vaccines during pregnancy — something researchers are beginning to evaluate in clinical trials, and studies have found antibodies in cord blood and breast milk.

The researchers looked at 131 vaccinated women – 84 of whom were pregnant and 31 were breastfeeding – and tested their blood, cord blood and breast milk for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies after the vaccine doses, and again two to six weeks after the second.

They found that pregnant women had as strong an immune response as their non-pregnant counterparts, and that samples of umbilical cord blood and breast milk contained antibodies created by the vaccine.

They also found that mothers who received the vaccine had better protection from Corona than those who developed antibodies after infection with the virus.

“Getting the vaccine later in pregnancy can better ensure that babies’ antibodies are protected by the placenta and mothers’ breast milk,” said Dr. Jessica Madden, a pediatrician and neonatologist.

One case study showed that getting a single dose of the vaccine before birth can also help.

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