May 17, 2023

The Warrior series, which is considered one of the best dramatic experiences that managed to capture the minds and eyes of the viewers, to find enthusiasm in the events that push them to attract and complete the events of the series without feeling bored. his way.

The series revolves around elite forces and commanders, as Colonel Ibrahim Cobbs (Murat Surzli) and Captain Kagan Bazooka (Berk Oktay) get out of prison to return to the service of their country. Outstanding ingenuity, sense of duty and endless patriotism.

Participating in the work of the series, the artist Murat Serzli, who plays the role of Colonel Ibrahim Cobbs, and the artist Berk Oktay, who plays the role of Captain Kagan Bazooka, participates in the series, and the two perform a heroic work to protect the homeland from wars and enemies that try to set it down. Furat Al-Bairam participates with them. The series was shown on some platforms and websites. .

To watch the rest of the episodes and the latest news of the Turkish drama click here

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