May 29, 2023

A Turkish official revealed that his country’s government intends to grant the Syrians on its territory “humanitarian residency.”

The director of the Nizip camp in Gaziantep, Jalal Demir, criticized on Facebook the inclusion of the legal status of Syrians in Turkey under the tourist residence permit.

He added that the Turkish government is currently working to replace tourist stays with “humanitarian” ones.

He pointed out that humanitarian residency is granted to people who are unable to live in their country, and it falls within the framework of the United Nations Convention signed in Geneva in 1951 by 130 countries, one of them being Turkey.

In another post, Demir also criticized the size of the temporary protection identity (Kimlik) granted to Syrians, pointing out that it is “uncivilized and not suitable for use.”

Bushra gave a wedding to the Syrians, stressing that she will be replaced by a suitable identity during the coming period.

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On Wednesday, the joint Syrian-Turkish committee held a meeting with the General Administration of Immigration, which dealt with the situation of Syrians and the general problems facing them.

The Director General of Turkish Immigration, Savaş Onlu, promised to grant facilities to Syrian refugees, especially with regard to renewing residency and the condition of passport validity.

He also revealed that they are working on launching a new system for booking appointments in the divisions designated for temporary protection card holders, without the need for brokers or intermediaries.

It is expected that the Immigration Department will announce its new facilities after Eid Al-Adha.

Source: Al-Jisr Turk

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