May 3, 2023

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After the 7.4-magnitude earthquake in Kahramanmaraş, the General Directorate of Security discovered 13 account managers who were believed to have made provocative posts on social media.

While the teams’ search and rescue activities continued in the cities, a statement came from the General Directorate of Security. The statement stated, “The Anti-Cybercrime Department of the General Security Department carries out virtual periodic activities on the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week to combat crime and criminals, and within the framework of the powers specified by the laws. 06.02.2023, a 7.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Kahramanmaraş/Pazardzhik region. “As part of the virtual patrol activities that have been implemented, address and location information of our citizens who have requested assistance via social media platforms is immediately determined and coordinated with the relevant units.”

Also, 13 account managers were identified who were deemed to have published provocative posts on social media platforms regarding the earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaraş / Pazargic, in order to create fear and panic among our citizens.

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