May 29, 2023

Rania Al-Abdullah, Queen of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, wife of the Jordanian monarch, Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, a Jordanian national of Palestinian origin, in her early fifties, is one of the wives of Arab leaders most interested in humanitarian work, especially the rights of women and children, the field in which she was active after Her association during the year 1993 with Abdullah II when he was still a prince.

She was awarded the title of Queen several months after his inauguration as king in 1999. Rania studied her first stages of education in Kuwait at the English School, then she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Computers and Information from the classes of the American University in Cairo. She gained professional experience as a result of working in Citibank and Apple in Amman.

What is Queen Rania’s disease?

Queen Rania’s illness It is a rumor that has been circulating It was widely reported by some people who follow her news with care and attention, especially after announcing the news of her father’s death – may God have mercy on him – which made the matter confuse some and spread rumors about him, except that Queen Rania Al-Abdullah is in perfect health and wellness and she does not suffer from any diseases thanks to God.

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