May 21, 2023

The Alireza series, the last episode, translated into Western .. Alireza through a love story, a few hours separate millions of viewers in Turkey and the Arab world from watching the new episode of the Alireza series, the last episode, as the Alireza series, the last episode, managed to achieve the highest viewing rates during its presentation, translated into the language Arabic.

The Ali Reza series, the last episode, is one of the most beautiful series that was shown on screens and channels during the new year 2021, and fans of Turkish drama are waiting for the final episode of the Ali Reda series to be shown. The episode received wide reactions on social media platforms, and the “Trend” series topped many Arab countries and Turkey, while the series continues to spread, crossing all borders and barriers.

The Ali Reza series, the last episode, will present interesting events for fans of Turkish drama, who received the news of the end of the series with sadness and sorrow, but they hope that there will be a second part of the Ali Reza series, the last episode.

The events of episode 30 of the Ali Reza series revolve around the Altay “Tolga Saritas”, a taxi driver who lives with his family in a popular neighborhood in Istanbul, with his sister Nihan and his mother Rukaya in their two-storey wooden house, which remained from his late father, and Ali Reza is forced through the events of A series to abandon his academic dream, after the death of his father, to work and support his family, and then a quarrel erupts between them.

To watch the rest of the episodes and the latest news of the Turkish drama aClick here

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