May 17, 2023

The tears of an elderly man in northern Syria turned into joy after he received news that his son and grandchildren had been found safe in a hospital after being rescued from under the rubble.

Syrian activists circulated on social media platforms a recording of one of the activists monitoring the joy of an elderly person after he learned that the family members he lost were still alive.

From the intensity of joy, the old man screams, and God is right, he does not believe, before he embraces the people who told him that his family is alive and has been transferred to Harem Hospital, north of Idlib.

During his transfer to the hospital, the elderly man says that he prepared a grave for his family members after he despaired of getting out alive, especially since the building in which they were staying turned into rubble.

The camera in the hospital also captures the old man’s joy in meeting his injured son and three children who are apparently his grandchildren.

While the video capturer confirms that the entire family escaped certain death, the mother, father and three children were rescued, despite the fact that more than two days had passed since the house collapsed on top of them due to the earthquake.

It is noteworthy that, as of the time of preparing this news, the death toll from the earthquake in northwestern Syria has reached more than 1,900 deaths, and more than 2,950 injured, according to figures from the Syrian Civil Defense.

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