May 31, 2023

24,000 dead, more than 80,000 injured, and a million and a half homeless, is not an end toll for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, to whose death the world woke up at dawn last Monday.

The earthquake stole the lives of thousands of children, and thousands of others were orphaned, some of whom did not complete their first months of life, including “Aya”, whose mother gave her life under the rubble and deposited her before she embraced or saw her, so that their name would cry out as homeless orphans, in a catastrophe that blew the hearts of the world, and many wondered about the fate of those poor people.

There were calls from famous people to sponsor orphans whose stories spread, and others remained whose fates no one knows, who will sponsor them? Where will they live? Who takes care of those little ones? And how many are they?

From this standpoint, and just as the arms rushed to extract the victims from under the rubble and save the lives of those whose breath continues to rise under the dust of the buildings that have collapsed and leveled with the ground beneath which the earthquake occurred, some of them took the initiative to rescue some of those orphans from loss and hunger, by sheltering them under the slogan “revival.”

Numbers for a home called “Revival of Orphans” spread on social media, and its traders revealed that it receives earthquake children from the Syrian and Turkish sides, to take care of them, and to receive donations to sponsor the children. She has to find out the details.

A personal initiative for the sake of Syrian orphans

Omran Haj Muhammad told I’ that the issue of orphans is a major problem and catastrophe, and Syria suffers from it before the earthquake, as their number exceeded hundreds of thousands and of course increased after its occurrence.

He explained: We are a group of teachers working in institutes and education, and after the earthquake, we established a revival house on the Syrian and Turkish sides, and we provide full care for students, and with every group of children there is a woman who serves and cares for them, and we take care of their education, and we receive children from the age of 12 and under, and who they are Akbar we send them to closed private institutes to complete their secondary education, as well as all requirements for food and drink and so on.

Abizaid: The idea at the beginning was for each brother in the group to take care of a child who puts him in his home, but after the matter became inflated, the strategy and plan had to be changed to help all the children, and the group was based in Istanbul, Turkey, and currently we also have branches in Reyhanli, Turkey, and Idlib in the Syrian city of Sarmada .

On how to spend on them, he said: We do not receive donations to complete the education and sponsorship of children, but we spend on them as much as we can of food, clothing and housing, just as we spend on our families with what God has helped us, even if there is assistance from our relatives and acquaintances, but for this moment there are no direct donations, but rather aid from us volunteers Only, continuing: We are neither an association nor an institution, but rather brothers who donate their money and time to carry out these programs and projects. We are a group that works in the field of teaching and training, not sponsorships and orphans, and we do not follow institutions and others, but what happened to the situation forced us to establish the home, and we accept donations if we wish. Nobody helps us, but we have not received any donations yet.


After the earthquake occurred, the volunteers decided to take care of a larger number of children according to the capabilities available to them. So far, they have taken care of a large number of children, which is subject to increase during the coming period, and it may reach hundreds, and the priority was given to orphans who have no relatives, or those who have relatives who are unable to sponsor them financially. And the priority is to sponsor those who have no one, according to the statements of “Hajj,” pointing out that there is another association that has contacted them to sponsor a number of other children, given that it has a large number of earthquake orphans.

Regarding the whereabouts of these children now, he said that they are in hospitals and clinics so far receiving treatment, as they are all injured, pointing out that their ages range from months to 16 years, and after they are discharged from hospitals, they will be taken to two homes that have been prepared to house them, one in Syria and the other in Turkey.

He stressed that if the child recovers, he is left with one of his family temporarily as a period of psychological custody, to be prepared for moving to orphanages, especially the young ones, to protect them from exposure to psychotic trauma and so on when they find themselves among strangers, so it is preferable for them to stay with their relatives after recovery for a short period. before their custody.

And about whether they found the parents of one of the children who are taking care of them, he said that it has not happened so far that a child of them found his family, hoping that this would happen soon.

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