May 4, 2023

Earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.7 and 7.6 in Kahramanmaraş last week caused severe damage in 10 provinces.

While the earthquake destroyed many buildings and thousands of our compatriots lost their lives.

According to the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, in its report on the latest developments, the number of those who lost their lives in the earthquake rose to 31,643 people.

And that “two thousand 724 aftershocks occurred after the earthquake, and 158 thousand and 165 disaster victims were evacuated from the region to other governorates.

According to the disaster and emergency management statement, a total of 238,459 personnel, 12,322 vehicles and construction equipment work in the earthquake area.

9,793 personnel from other countries have been sent to help the disaster area, and 76 aircraft, 170 helicopters and 26 ships are operating in the area.

From Gehenna, Minister of National Education Ozer announced the suspension of education until March 1 in 10 provinces affected by the quake. Ozer said: “From February 20, education and training will start in 71 provinces, and there will be no more extensions. From March 1, we will no longer decide to switch to regional education in 10 provinces. We will make district and school-based decisions. We will use it as efficiently and efficiently as possible.”

The Council of Higher Education also decided to complete the spring semester for the academic year 2022-2023 through distance education. Details on distance education, measures to be taken in this context, medicine and dentistry. Health programs such as internships, workplace training and similar issues will be evaluated separately and shared with the public in the coming days.

On the other hand Fuat Oktay announced the decision of the GSM operators. Oktay and “Turk Telekom, Turkcell and Vodafone will provide all calls for free for one month from the moment of the earthquake.”

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca also made a statement on the matter after experts warned that all the injured people pulled out from under the rubble and rescue team workers should be vaccinated against tetanus immediately. “The rabies and tetanus vaccines are being shipped to the quake zone. While support is provided by the public health centers for hygiene materials, they stand by the victims with basic supplies such as baby food, follow-up milk and blankets.”

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