May 29, 2023

After the earthquake in Turkey and amid fears of another violent earthquake, the head of the Astronomical Research Institute in Egypt, Jad Al-Qadi, revealed that his country is safe from devastating earthquakes, and its coastal cities cannot be exposed to a “tsunami” wave.

He explained, in exclusive statements to Al, in response to the speech of the Dutch scientist Frank Hogrebits, who predicted the occurrence of the Turkish-Syrian earthquake days before it occurred, and recently spoke about the possibility of an earthquake involving Egypt and Lebanon, that Egypt is far from the internationally known active earthquake belts.

He also said that the seismic activity in Turkey and Syria is far from the Egyptian territory, although some of Egypt’s governorates were exposed to its aftershocks and felt by the citizens.

areas of seismic activity

In addition, he continued, saying that there are some areas in which earthquake activity can occur, which are the Gulf of Aqaba and the northern Red Sea, in addition to some Greek and Cypriot regions, which are far from Egypt, but they are felt without damage or consequences.

He stressed that the Egyptian government is implementing a plan and strategy to confront the risks of earthquakes, taking into account the construction and design of new cities and the construction of bridges and tunnels, as it uses the opinion of geology experts and scientists of the institute in studying the soil on which these cities and facilities are built.

He also added that the seismic code in Egypt is constantly updated, and the Council of Ministers is notified of this to put it into its accounts when planning new cities and implementing new projects, indicating that the seismic activity of the Republic is monitored and followed daily, instant analysis of its data, and determination of its geographical distributions and strength.

Expect a tremor in Egypt and Lebanon

And the Dutch scientist had answered a question about the possibility of an earthquake in Egypt and Lebanon, and he said: “Yes, because this region is subject to seismic activity, but it is not possible to say for sure, based on seismic activity, whether it will occur next week or in the next five or ten years, announcing that the prediction On a shake-up is impossible.

He revealed that the peak of the “full moon” that appeared in the past two days will lead to a strong earthquake that may reach 6 degrees between February 10 and 12, and that a number of aftershocks appear in the map of the area where the earthquake occurred last Monday in Syria and Turkey, as it appears in the map. Seismic activity in the south and southeast, where Lebanon is located, and on the other side, Iraq and Iran.

The Dutch scientist’s statements terrified the Egyptians, so the head of the Astronomy Institute responded and confirmed that these statements did not apply to Egypt, and that his country was safe from earthquakes.

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