May 4, 2023

The Turkish Immigration Service has published a special circular for foreigners residing in the country within the scope of temporary protection and international protection.

The department mentioned in the circular that an update has been made in the electronic appointment system, stressing the need for the entered phone number to be correct and in use.

She said, “A short message will be sent to the phone during the appointment and on the day of the interview, as the phone number cannot be changed later.”

She added, “After entering the foreign identity number, father’s name, and phone information, an information text will appear on the screen, and after approving the text, a verification code will be requested.”

And she continued, “The first SMS includes the verification code that was sent at the booking stage. Please enter this code in the system to complete the appointment reservation process.”

She indicated that another SMS with the second verification code will be sent to the same phone number when going to the Directorate of Immigration Management on the day of the interview.

She stated, “You will be asked to show this code to the officials of the Directorate of Migration Management. Your interview will not take place without this verification code, and you will have to book another appointment.”

She pointed out that a maximum of three appointments can be booked via the same phone number, “after entering the hour and date of the appointment, you can set an appointment again from the electronic appointment system.”

She stressed that taking an appointment is free of charge, and if you encounter any problems, you can contact the Foreigners Call Center via the free number 157.

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