May 29, 2023

Fears of the Red Sea being exposed to tsunamis haunt the Egyptians, and an expert in astronomical research confirms: there are very few chances.

While fears about the consequences of the Turkish earthquake still haunt the Egyptians, Dr. Assem Mustafa, a researcher at the earthquake department at the National Institute for Astronomical Research, said that the earthquake in Turkey and Syria cannot cause a “tsunami” in Egypt, because these tidal waves must have been caused by a large crack in the sea. .

Mostafa added in a television interview that all faults in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea in Egypt are studied and known, and seismic activity is monitored by the 80-station national seismic network.

The researcher in the Department of Earthquakes at the National Institute for Astronomical Research explained that the occurrence of a tsunami in the Mediterranean is just a rumor spread on social media, and the possibility of a tsunami occurring in the Red Sea is very low, indicating that the earthquake that occurred in eastern Anatolia and its aftershocks are weak and cannot cause a tsunami, and thus the possibilities The occurrence of tsunamis is weak.

Turkey and Syria witnessed a violent earthquake of 7.8 degrees on the Richter scale a few days ago, killing more than 37 thousand people between the two countries, while leaving millions homeless.

During the few hours that followed the earthquake, videos of water leaving the shores of the coastal city of Ras al-Bar in Egypt spread like wildfire on social media, which raised many questions, especially as it coincided with talk of a “tsunami” that the city of Alexandria might be exposed to.

Dr. Alaa Al-Nahri, Vice President of the Regional Center for Space Sciences at the United Nations, revealed to that there were surprises about what is happening on the Egyptian shores.

Al-Nahri attributed the matter to the climatic changes taking place in the world and the noticeable rise in temperatures, which accelerates the melting of ice and its effects are reflected in the seas and oceans, pointing out that the Intergovernmental Climate Organization was expecting such floods in the year 2100, but with the acceleration of the remarkable pace, Al-Nahri expects the occurrence of the climate catastrophe. Who will drown beaches and others by 2050 if the world does not turn to clean energy and alternative solutions.

He also pointed out that the occurrence of a nucleus in the past days and the earthquake that Turkey witnessed, all of this contributed to the movement of the earth’s crust, which caused water to exit from the shores of the city of Ras Sidr, but it is not the basis.

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