May 29, 2023

A rescuer from the Algerian Civil Protection, returning from Turkey after the violent earthquake that struck the region, revealed shocking details about his rescue of a Turkish child.

International news websites reported the rescue video, impressed by the tremendous humanitarian work carried out by the Algerian rescue man Faris, who stole the limelight.

And he was widely praised by the Algerians, after he rescued the Turkish child, who was crying hard after he was taken out.

Fares stated that the process of saving the Turkish child was difficult, especially the place where he was confined with his deceased mother, indicating that it was necessary to take an adventure, especially since my body allowed me to go down to that cave and my insistence on saving the child.

He added, “The task was difficult, especially in light of those harsh conditions, and the terrifying scenes of mothers crying for their children, men begging to find their families, and screaming under the rubble… whoever saves a life is as if he saved all people.”

And Fares continued, with tears falling from his eyes, saying: “The child we were dragging him while he was next to his deceased mother.. Once we reached him, he remained clinging to my neck and crying all the time while he was thirsty.. So I gave him a little bit of the “serum” while he drank eagerly.. His sight tears the heart.. “No Be afraid, my son, for I am with you.. “I insisted on saving him and taking him out, even if I died with him under the rubble.” Once I rescued him, I felt as if I was born again.

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