May 4, 2023

A young Syrian confronted the British King Charles with the reality of what is happening in northern Syria, revealing the scale of the disaster and the failure to help the earthquake victims.

The BBC website said in its English version that King Charles visited Syrian and Turkish events yesterday and listened to emotional pleas for urgent help from families who lost relatives in the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria.

He added that the King, during his visit to the “Syrian House” identification point, spoke to a man called Salah Al-Asmar who works for the White Helmets Organization, and he lost his parents and his family in this “disaster.”

“Seven days my family was under the rubble and no rescue teams reached them,” Salah told the king, adding: “I could not sleep for seven days, before I heard, unfortunately, they were all dead.”

“We need more help,” he added, calling for a faster response from the international community, especially in light of the need for hospitals, doctors, food support and schools.

The king asked if enough help was arriving, but was told of delays – and called a State Department aide to speak with the Syrian family.

Al-Asmar also noted that Syrian asylum seekers in the UK were struggling to be able to return to find their relatives.

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