May 7, 2023

Namihaya Bridge in Japan’s Osaka Prefecture has been attributed to many Egyptian prefectures.

Have you heard about the “lost bridge” in Egypt.. This is the case of a Japanese bridge whose image has spread among Egyptians on social media as a new project to be implemented in Egypt.. The strange thing is that the same image of the bridge has been published in more than 10 affiliated accounts For different Egyptian governorates and cities.

Many unofficial accounts of different governorates and cities in Egypt boasted of the new bridge, claiming that it is the latest project in the governorate, which prompted some to ask about the location of the new bridge to visit, especially since its shape is remarkable and unusual.

And the beginning was from the Alexandria Governorate, where one of the major pages concerned with this area posted on the “Facebook” website that this bridge is located in Alexandria, saying: “Whoever has not visited Alexandria has not seen this beautiful bridge.”

Then came the posts that attributed the bridge to different Egyptian governorates and cities, from Alexandria to Suez, Ismailia, Port Said, Tanta, and other places within the governorates of Cairo and Giza.

Bridge fact

However, the truth about the bridge emerged after the intervention of the “Japan in Arabic” account in the matter, which is an unofficial account interested in publishing news about Japan and refuting rumors on various social networking sites.

And the “Japan in Arabic” account published a picture of the bridge, and pictures of accounts claiming that the bridge is located in different Egyptian governorates, and confirmed that the bridge is known as the Namihaya Bridge and is located in the Japanese Osaka Prefecture. He also commented sarcastically on the Egyptian accounts that published the photo.

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