June 1, 2023

Can foreigners open their own bank account in Turkey? How is this done and what papers and documents are needed? What are the best and most famous banks in Turkey?
Read the answer and everything you need to know about banks in Turkey

Can Arabs and foreigners open a bank account in Turkey? Of course, it is possible for foreigners to open their own bank accounts in Turkey, but as you will see through this article, it is often necessary for a foreigner in Turkey to have his own bank account.

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In order to get to know the finer details of our topic, we will ask the most popular questions related to opening bank accounts in Turkey, and start gradually, step by step:

The necessary papers when opening a bank account in Turkey

There is no doubt that every bank or bank in Turkey has its own conditions and requires certain papers and documents, although the difference in procedures is very simple from one bank to another. But in general, the most important documents that must be present to start opening a bank account in Turkey are:

  • A valid passport

Some banks may request a copy of the personal data page translated into Turkish and notated, and some banks may suffice with your residence card in Turkey, such as work or tourist residence, and Ziraat, for example, accepts temporary protection residence for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

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  • Tax Number

It can be obtained easily from the financial and tax offices distributed in the Turkish states and districts, its routine procedures are simple, and it can be obtained in one day and does not require review or hesitation to the tax department.

  • Address proof

For this purpose, any official document in which your home address is linked to your name suffices for this, and a copy of the property ownership contract “Tabu”, or a copy of the lease contract, or an electricity or water bill or net in your name and for the same address, and foreigners can also obtain a housing record from the Civil Status Department In the area in which they reside or through the district mukhtar, one of any of the above-mentioned documents suffices.

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  • Fill out and sign the bank registration form

Also, the procedures for opening a bank account in Turkey require filling out and signing a ready-made form for the bank. In this form, there are usually obligations from you and the bank, and rights and duties.

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Many banks deal in English and Arabic even in addition to the Turkish language, so you can get acquainted with the content of the contract or the ready-made form that you will sign. Turkish banks have their own websites, and support many foreign languages ​​in addition to the Turkish language. The most supported foreign language is English, with banks that support the Arabic language.

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It is preferable when you undertake the procedures for opening a bank account in Turkey that you do so accompanied by a translator, in order to facilitate communication between you and the employees and to learn more details about your obligations. There are also some banks in Turkey, such as Kuwait Bank, in which Arab employees are left, and this greatly facilitates the procedures. .

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