May 29, 2023

The Turkish authorities decided to evacuate 97 schools in Istanbul, as of Monday, February 20, 2023, which were found to be at risk, as students will be transferred to earthquake-safe schools, in coordination with the provincial governorates and provincial education directorates.

The statement issued by the Istanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPCU), which was established in 2006 to reduce the devastating effects of potential earthquakes, stated that 76 of them will be demolished and 17 others will be strengthened.

She noted that when surveys were conducted of 1,418 schools built before 1999 in Istanbul, 67 of them were earthquake-resistant and 1,351 were hazardous.

Of the 1,351 schools in danger, 769 were reinforced, and 367 demolished and rebuilt.

After earthquake analysis studies, it was decided to demolish and rebuild 109 of the remaining 128 dangerous schools, and to reinforce 19 of them.

In the past year 2022, 35 schools out of 128 high-risk schools were transferred to other schools, while reconstruction projects began in schools.

To date, as a result of studies conducted on the remaining 93 dangerous schools, it was decided to demolish and rebuild 76 schools and to reinforce 17 others.

Thus, 51,995 students and 2,765 teachers of the mentioned schools will continue their education in earthquake-safe schools.

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