May 31, 2023

The fact that the famous Jordanian Ahmed Al-Khalili died todayWhere the pioneers of social networking sites, and fans of Ahmed Al-Khalili, wonder about the validity of the news of his death, after news of his death spread in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the last few hours.

The truth about Ahmed Al-Khalili’s death:

The official account of the young man has been published Ahmed Al-Khalili Today, Tuesday, August 30, 2022, a picture of the young man, Ahmed Al-Khalili, below which he wrote: “May God have mercy on you, my beloved. With great sorrow and sadness, and with hearts that believe in God’s will and destiny, we mourn.” The death of the beloved Ahmed Al-Khalili Who passed away a short while ago in Egypt. We belong to God and to Him we shall return. I pray for him with mercy.”

The picture reaped a lot of interaction and comments from his fans and celebrities in Jordan and the Arab world, questioning the validity of this news, and skeptical about it. This is because this obituary was posted by an account Ahmed Al Khalili Wondering how to publish it if Ahmed had already passed away.

One of the tweeters said: “I can’t believe the news The death of Ahmed Al-Khalili By God, until now, I am not over the death of Abboud Al-Omari!!! Lord, spread it.”

Another added: “Oh, God, the world is so small Ahmed Al-Khalili May God have mercy on you. He made your abode in Paradise within a year, following his companion, Abboud Al-Omari.

The fact that the famous Jordanian Ahmed Al-Khalili died today

For his part, a business manager posted Ahmed Al-Khalili The young man, Sharaf al-Din Qweider, posted a black photo via the “Al-Asturi” feature on the social networking site “Instagram”, on which it was written, “There is neither power nor strength except with God,” without any other clarification or answer to questions about The validity of the death of the young Jordanian Ahmed Al-Khalili.

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Ahmed Al-Khalili had arrived in Egypt 3 days ago and shared a photo through his account on “Instagram” showing him near the pyramids, as he went to Egypt with his friend Ahmed Al-Qarout, who appeared with him on “Instagram” the day before, but he did not publish anything about the news. The death of Ahmed Al-Khalili, so that it remains pure rumors until something official is issued, which will be updated later.

Who is Ahmed Al-Khalili?

It is reported that the Jordanian youth Ahmed Al Khalili One of the most prominent social media activists and has more than 500,000 followers on the “Instagram” platform, in addition to more than 500,000 followers on “Tik Tok”, as he provides a variety of content on his personal accounts, including comic and personal, with which he shares his diaries to his followers and fans.

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