May 29, 2023

Al-Hurrah 32, Season 4.. Al-Hurrah series, episode 32, Çukur, with subtitles, in high quality Millions of viewers, who are fans of Turkish drama, are awaiting the date of the presentation of a new episode of the enthusiastic Turkish drama series, which has won the admiration of the Arab audience, who is eagerly awaiting. The Hole series, episode 32, Çukur, with subtitles Which is shown on the Love Story website, translated into Arabic, and therefore we seek to provide the audience with followers of the exciting dramatic series, Al-Hafra. The Hole series, episode 32, Çukur, with subtitles .

Vartolu Sadetin, who attacked Yamaç with the gas his uncle fired, was not alienated by the audience even when he came as a villain in the first episodes of the series, and even managed to become one of the most popular characters. But the audience, fans of the Çukur series, episode 32, Çukur 124 Bölüm, is very angry with Vartolu Saad El-Din, who has been one of the most annoying people by fans of the Çukur series in recent weeks.

Yamaç, who wants to bring the whole family together, will take the first step to achieve this goal. Uncle Cumali will learn that one of Koçovalılar’s characters is on Yamaç’s side, and that one of the main characters of Çukur will say goodbye to Çukur in this episode.

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