May 11, 2023

A Turkish expert has warned that the intensity of the Istanbul earthquake has risen to 9 in some areas.

According to what was published by the Haberlar newspaper and translated by Turkey Today, after two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, which affected 11 provinces, two more earthquakes occurred in Hatay. After the 6.4-magnitude earthquake in Defne, a 5.8-magnitude earthquake occurred in Samandag. Many cities felt the strength of the earthquakes, which occurred at 3-minute intervals.

Where Professor Sengur Sengur repeated his warnings of the possibility of an earthquake in Istanbul, and said: “The intensity will rise to 9 in Yeshilkoy and Tuzla. It won’t be the size, but you will feel the sharpness. We expect the severity to not be less than 7 degrees.”

He also recommended staying away from the beaches of Istanbul, especially at Topkapi Palace, as there is a possibility of sea level rise in Turkey.

He added, “They believe that the Istanbul earthquake will last for two minutes according to the data they have,” Beykoz, Anadolu Hisari and Bebek are solid places, but I cannot give any guarantees to Besiktas.

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