May 31, 2023

With its distinctive view of the Black Sea, the state of Giresun, in northern Turkey, shines with its unique, striking and diverse natural beauty that has made it a destination for tourism and recreation at all times and seasons.

In addition to its natural and historical features that make it a prominent destination in the eastern Black Sea region, Giresun tends to increase its share of tourism, benefiting from the many projects that have been developed in it.

A tourist destination for all seasons

Giresun is described as the meeting point of the blue sea with green nature, and it allows its visitors to spend enjoyable times throughout the seasons of the year, as tourist destinations and activities vary according to the seasons and their volatility.

Giresun Island, which includes an ancient city dating back to the Middle Ages, tells the details of the daily life of the communities that lived in it, and is one of the most important archaeological and historical tourism destinations in the state.

Among the famous tourist attractions in the state are the limestone rock area, the Goksu River, the Blue Lake, the Kozalan Falls, as well as the Giresun Castle.

As for the Giresun Museum, which was once a church, it accompanies its visitors on a journey through time, bringing together in its structure a mixture of historical and religious splendor at the same time.

In the same way, the historic Monastery of the Virgin Mary also flourishes in the state, and it is from the Byzantine era, and it is located on the path linking the regions of the Black Sea and inner Anatolia, and it represents a high cultural value in the city that tourists come to during the summer only because it is difficult to reach it in the winter because of the snow.

The “Zetinlik” region also stands out as one of the places witnessing a history of coexistence between the Turks and the Romans for many years, until it became the talk of traditional songs, before it turned into a destination for history lovers.

As for the “Gulaq Qaya” hill, it is also among the favorite destinations for Giresun visitors, as it is one of the oldest ancient gatherings in the Black Sea region, and is located on the ancient Silk Road path.

Near the “Gulaq Qaya” hill, the “Kombat” hill stands out for its natural beauty and rich vegetation.

Lake “Karagol” located at an altitude of two thousand and 800 meters above sea level, along with the “Yedi Degermanlar” natural park, offers its visitors the opportunity to discover nature and enjoy its tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

* development projects

In fact, Giresun has many other natural and historical destinations that are too numerous to list.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Kemal Gurkanji, Director of Culture and Tourism in Giresun, said that the state is one of the preferred and distinguished destinations in terms of tourism in the Black Sea region, especially in terms of natural tourism.

He added that recent years have witnessed a great tourist demand for Giresun, to the extent that it has become one of the main destinations for tourist trips in the eastern Black Sea.

Gurkenji spoke about the efforts made, in cooperation with Giresun State and other local authorities, to implement many projects with the aim of developing tourism.

He stressed keenness to implement projects that would attract tourists to Giresun throughout the seasons of the year without interruption.

In this context, he pointed to the restoration work that is being carried out for some historical monuments, in addition to reorganizing natural monuments and strengthening the infrastructure.

He stressed that they attach great importance to diversifying tourism and its resources in the state.

He continued, “We are currently conducting a feasibility study to implement some projects that would attract tourists to Giresun in the winter seasons.”

And he added, “We currently have 3 tourism centers and 4 natural parks, in addition to many natural, archaeological and historical destinations.”

Ghor Kenji also drew attention to the richness of Giresun’s cuisine with the local dishes it offers to its visitors, and invited tourists to taste it.

It is worth noting that the benefit from the diversity of tourist destinations in the state is that it includes at the same time places that can be visited seasonally, and each season has its own advantages and destinations in Giresun, which explains more why it is a renewable tourist destination throughout the year.

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