May 18, 2023

A few hours after the incident, police officers at Kom Ombo Police Station in Aswan managed, on Sunday evening, to apprehend the accused of killing his nine-month-pregnant wife.

In the details, the crime began due to marital disputes that occurred between the two in the village of Al-Haruba of the Center District, so the man was only able to kill his wife and then throw her in front of her family’s house and flee.

Major General Ashraf Abdallah, Aswan Security Director, received a notification from the Kom Ombo police station warden that the hospital point had been informed of the arrival of a 20-year-old housewife called “A.H.”, a lifeless body.

He dumped her body in front of her family’s house

Until investigations revealed that the killer was unemployed, he killed his wife while she was nine months pregnant, after disputes between them, and threw her body in front of her family’s house, then fled on the run.

It is noteworthy that the investigations indicated that the couple had always been in family disputes.

While the body was kept at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, and the necessary report was issued regarding the incident.

The authorities started taking legal action.

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