May 18, 2023

Veterinarians in the Turkish municipality of Gaziantep managed to install a prosthetic limb for a dog whose foreleg was amputated under the rubble of the earthquake in Kahramanmaraş.

Search teams succeeded in rescuing the dog from under the rubble, and its left front limb had been crushed.

After that, the dog was transferred to the Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation Center of the Gaziantep Municipality for treatment.

The veterinary specialists amputated the limb that had been crushed and were able to install a prosthetic limb for it, and the center’s workers named the dog “I die,” meaning hope.

Berna Sari Cicek, director of the Department of Veterinary Affairs at the Natural Life Protection Department of Gaziantep Municipality, explained that the dog was injured when it was rescued from the rubble.

And she added, in a statement to Anadolu Agency: “After receiving the communication, our team brought the dog to the shelter, and veterinary specialists amputated its left front limb because it was crushed, and they installed a prosthesis for it.”

And she continued, “He has not been able to walk fully yet, but we train him daily to get used to it.”

On February 6, a double earthquake struck southern Turkey, the first with a magnitude of 7.7, and the second with a magnitude of 7.6, followed by thousands of violent aftershocks, which caused great loss of life and property.

Source: Anatolia

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