May 13, 2023

Events take place The forbidden apple series 4 episode 32 The events of the Forbidden Apple series take place in the city of Istanbul. The series embodies the story of the two sisters, Zeinab and Yildiz, who live together in a popular neighborhood in Istanbul.

The personality and nature of each of them differs, as Zainab has a calm personality and a romantic nature and is always looking for true love, while Yildiz has a cheerful personality and dreams of marrying a rich man with whom she enjoys wealth and luxury.

Events continue, and Zainab meets Elihan, a rich young man who heads a large group of companies, and Alihan falls in love with Zainab, and a strong love relationship arises between them, full of romance and beautiful feelings. Lira in exchange for Yildiz entrapping Khaled, Ender’s husband, and filming him in an inappropriate position, so that Ender can divorce him and win his wealth. Yildiz finds Ender’s offer a great insult to her.

Therefore, she decides to take revenge on her and agrees to her offer, and then begins planning to make Khaled fall in love with her and marry him after she reveals to him the truth about his wife Ender. Indeed, Yildiz succeeds in implementing her plan and marrying Khaled, and the series witnesses many events and conflicts as it reveals exciting surprises during the episodes. coming.

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