May 4, 2023

The earthquakes that struck southern Turkey caused great damage to buildings and places of worship.

The last of these scenes was about the minaret of a mosque that split the roof of a nearby building into two halves after it fell on it as a result of the earthquake.

And according to the Turkish newspapers, according to what was translated by the New Turk Post, in the “Golbashi” area of ​​Adiyaman state, the minarets of some mosques fell on the buildings with the impact of the earthquake, and most of the mosques in the neighborhood became unusable.

The earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş also caused the destruction of the “Golbashi” region in the state of Adi Yaman with the intensity of the earthquake, and the minaret of the “Haj Ghani Diller” mosque in the region fell on a 3-storey building right next to it.

While the destroyed minaret was split into 4 pieces, one of the pieces fell on the roof.

Pointing out that the minaret is about 50-53 meters tall and not very old, Gülbaşı Mufti Abdullah Yıldırım said: “It was not an ordinary earthquake that happened that night. 45 out of 50 minarets collapsed in Golbashi.

The 42-meter-long minaret of the Haji Ghani Diller Mosque was also toppled in the area, and the nearly 4-storey building was split into two parts as a result of the fall of the minaret.

It was learned that the residents of the building were outside the city and an elderly citizen survived.

And 11 out of 15 mosques in Golbaşı became unusable.

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