May 29, 2023

The governor of Trabzon, “Ismail Ustaoglu,” and the mayor of the city, “Murat Zorluoglu,” responded to the negative posts on social media published by Arab tourists in Uzungol, in the Kaikara district of Trabzon, expressing their dissatisfaction with the Turks’ treatment of them.

According to what was published by the Haberlar newspaper and translated by Turkey Today, the governor of Trabzon, Ismail Ustaoglu, Mayor of Trabzon Municipality Murat Zorluoglu, and Trabzon Police Chief, Kenan Aydoğdu, met with merchants and tourists. President Murat Zorluoglu made statements to members of the press after the visit.

Governor Ismail Ustaoglu emphasized that they hope that the tourists who come to Trabzon will leave the city with good and enjoyable feelings.

Explaining that the perception created is trying to turn into Arab hostility, Governor Ustaoglu said, “These lands are the lands where tolerance prevails. Our guests are our crown, and especially the tourists coming from the Gulf countries are our crown jewels.”

Evaluating the intensity of the Arabic signs that appeared on social media, Ustaoglu said: “We visited and saw this place, and we see that there is not the slightest problem with the Arabic signs. We will spend this season in the best possible way. We welcome our guests according to our understanding of hospitality and make sure that they return to their countries with good feelings, and we are taking the necessary measures for that.”

Ostaoglu indicated that 25 international flights land in Trabzon daily and that more than 3,500 tourists enter it daily by air, noting that “these planes include tourists from 10 different Gulf countries. As of July 25, the number of tourists coming to our city has exceeded 160,000.

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