May 29, 2023

The correspondent of “TRT” TV channel in Hatay talked about his rescue from under the rubble by Syrian youths, after waiting for help for more than 15 hours.

A devastating earthquake struck southern Turkey on the morning of February 6, and 11 Turkish states were affected, led by Hatay, where the “TRT” correspondent lives, who stayed for 15 hours under the rubble of his house before being rescued by young Syrians living in the same area.

Speaking to Turkish media, the reporter, Hassan Yammaz, said about the details of his rescue by the Syrian youths: “After I stayed under the rubble for more than 15 hours, I started screaming loudly, but no one heard me because everyone is thinking of saving himself.”

He continued: “In the end, there were young Syrians in the region, whom I knew and spoke with because I know the Arabic language.

He pointed out that the Syrian youths took him to the government hospital in the city of Antakya, but the hospital was destroyed as a result of the earthquake. So they put him in an emergency tent, and then he was sent to Adana 24 hours later, where he received dialysis treatment.

Turkish media indicated that the Syrian youths were also victims of the earthquake in Hatay, but they preferred to help people rather than leave the area.

Syrian refugees suffer from an escalation of hate speech, coinciding with the approaching date of the Turkish elections next May, due to Turkish politicians investing the refugee file to put pressure on the Turkish government in an attempt to win the votes of voters who are dissatisfied with the government’s management of the refugee file in the country.

Source: Syria TV

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