May 19, 2023

A young Syrian refugee handed the Turkish police a large number of golden bracelets, which he found in the wreckage of the building in which his brother’s house is located in the southern state of Adiyaman, which was severely damaged after the devastating earthquake disaster on the sixth of last month.

According to the “koklu degisim” website, the Syrian youth, “Basil Al-Hajju,” who lives in Addiman, searched for his brother, his aunt, and four of his nephews residing in the city after the earthquake occurred and the house they lived in collapsed.

And the site indicated that while (Al-Hajju) was trying to save his valuables in the wreckage of the building in which his house is located, he found 11 golden bracelets, where he immediately went with his friends to the Addiman police station in the center of Yeşilyurt and handed over the jewelry they found to the officers and wrote a report about it.

The Turkish police published pictures of the Syrian youth praising his honesty, and also put other pictures of the golden bracelets that were found and the report that was written in the presence of witnesses, in order to ensure that the lost items are delivered to their owners if they are alive or their heirs in case they were killed during the earthquake.

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