May 29, 2023

The Dutch scientist Frank Hogerbets drew attention and his name became the talk of social networking sites after the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria at dawn on February 6.

Recently, he talked about his expectations of seismic activity in the region, including Lebanon.

In this regard, astronomer Maggie Farah said, in a tweet via her account on the social networking site Twitter, that “the Dutch researcher who again expects a devastating earthquake based on the position of the planets that I had talked about in my book for the year 2023 that the month of March carries an important astronomical transition that begins With Saturn on the 8th, and it coincides with a full moon in confrontation on the 7th, that is, opposition and astronomical dissonance that portends a crisis or disaster.

And she continued: “As for determining the type and location of the disaster, no one knows anything about it. It may mean a global crisis, an environmental disaster, a war, or a terrible event, but this is a possibility, not a certain matter. Saturn joins Uranus in confronting the full moon in Virgo.”

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