June 1, 2023

The Balik Gulu Fish Lake in Agri State (east) is the highest above sea level in Turkey, and a favorite destination for water sports enthusiasts and photography lovers.

The lake has become a destination for water sports enthusiasts in summer and winter, after recently hosting for the first time an event for flying water skis.

The lake area is known as the “Hidden Paradise” due to the beauty of its nature. It is located 30 km from the city of Taslicay, at an altitude of 2,241 meters above sea level.

The lake, located in the middle of the mountains, is a favorite destination for photography and camping lovers in nature, as well as water sports enthusiasts.

In the middle of the lake are two islands, which include many types of fish and birds, making it a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists throughout the seasons of the year.

** summer and winter

In winter, the lake welcomes lovers of skiing and winter diving under the ice after its surface freezes.

In the summer, it allows its visitors to practice many water sports such as swimming, diving, riding water bikes (Jet Ski) and flying water slide (Flyboard).

A group of flying waterslide enthusiasts organized shows for visitors who are spending their holidays in camps near the lake to enjoy its beauty and nature and entertain themselves by watching the flying waterslides.

** Different beauty

Kahraman Aktaş, the Turkish champion in the sport of jet ski, told Anadolu Agency that he had heard a lot about the beauty of the fish lake and was eager to see it.

He added that the lake has a great location for water sports lovers, and many professional sporting events can be organized there, such as the Turkish Championship.

He explained that he had seen many lakes before, but he had not seen anything like the beauty of the fish lake nor the purity and purity of its waters, noting that he enjoyed a lot of the “flying sled show in the middle of the charming nature and the view of Mount Agri.”

** First time

As for Furkan Yilmaz, he said that he has been practicing jet skiing since 2018 and that he has participated in many sporting events in different regions around the world.

He added that he was very impressed by the purity of the lake and its unique location, which makes it the highest lake in Turkey, and indicated that he had never used a waterslide anywhere like this before.

** Beautiful Weather

The athlete, Benjamin Yardim, expressed his great admiration for the clear water, picturesque nature and beautiful weather in the lake.

He continued, “The lake water is wonderful, and I thought the weather would be cold, but I was surprised by the beautiful weather.”

He added, “The lake has not hosted any Flyboard events before, so the residents and visitors of the area enjoyed watching us for the first time.”

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