May 31, 2023

A Syrian restaurant in Egypt sparked widespread reactions after it took the initiative to honor a needy young man and defended him, before it became clear that the incident was a social experiment by an activist group.

The Esco Media group, which presents social experiences inspired by the street, published a recording under the title “The Generosity of the People of Syria,” documenting the generosity and courage of a Syrian restaurant owner with a young man who claimed to be in need.

During the registration, a young man named Shehab claims that he is a student at Mansoura University and that he was robbed and expelled by his dorm friends.

Shihab asks the owner of the restaurant, called Abu Al-Joud, for a meal of fried potatoes, but the latter asks him to choose what he wants from the menu, and later orders one of the restaurant employees to prepare a meal for him.

The young man and the owner of the restaurant exchange conversations, and Shihab offers to pay the price of the meal as soon as he has money, but Abu Al-Joud refuses and asks him to consider him as his older brother and to come whenever he wants to take his need of food without charge, especially after he learned that his father had passed away.

After that, another young man storms the scene and grabs the first young man and tries to offend him by talking and calling him a “beggar.” The owner of the restaurant, accompanied by one of the workers, defends the needy young man and rushes to remove the aggressor.

While the first young man represents crying because of that young man’s attack and abuse, the owner of the restaurant comforts his mind, and at that point the young man admits that what happened was a social experiment and that someone was filming the scene secretly from the other door of the restaurant.

The recording quickly met with a wide spectrum of interaction and acclaim, gaining more than 3 million views within one day, as well as thousands of comments and tens of thousands of likes.

It is noteworthy that, according to the figures of the International Organization for Migration, approximately 1.5 million Syrians live in Egypt, most of whom sought refuge there as a result of the war launched by Bashar al-Assad and his allies against the rebellious cities.

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