May 31, 2023

The Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee announced that the Turkish Ministry of Interior intends to re-examine the files of the fourth stage of naturalization of Syrians in the country, after it was deleted from the system a few days ago.

The committee said that it had communicated with the Turkish Ministry of Interior regarding citizenship applications in the fourth stage, which were recently deleted, and it was found that the reason is the mechanism of the current system.

The joint committee stated in a statement on Tuesday that this system, which has been in place for some time, automatically drops files that are more than 24 months old.

And she continued: “We were informed that these files will be re-examined, and the valid ones will be returned to the system. He also informed us that there is a new system that will work in a way that speeds up the process and at the same time saves files.

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The Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee confirmed that there are upcoming meetings with the Turkish official authorities, during which mechanisms for developing and accelerating these files will be discussed.

Earlier, media outlets reported that hundreds of Syrian candidates for Turkish nationality received a message on the Turkish citizenship follow-up website, stating that the naturalization files had been removed.

Syrians circulated on social media, confirming that their files had been deleted, and most of them were in the fourth stage, after long periods of waiting, some of which reached years.

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The message includes a phrase that says, “I remove your file for obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship.” The Turkish Ministry of Interior, the General Directorate of Immigration, or the Directorate of Civil Affairs did not issue any official statement about this, according to the Syrian “Enab Baladi” website.

Citizenship files in Turkey go through several stages before obtaining them, and Turkish law does not specify a specific period of time between applying for and obtaining citizenship. The Turkish Population Directorate had set criteria that applicants must follow to ensure obtaining Turkish citizenship.

A large number of Syrians have applied for or were nominated for exceptional citizenship, whose files are being studied by the Turkish authorities and are waiting to be obtained.

Source: Turk Press

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