May 14, 2023

The Syrian works varied in the Ramadan drama race on television, within the map of the Syrian series in Ramadan 1444-2023.

Dozens of Syrian actors emerged in the current season, including Maxim Khalil, Abdel Hakim Qetaifan, Reem Ali, Ayman Zaidan, Andre Skaf, Maha Al-Masry, Abdel Moneim Amayri, Abeer Shams El Din, Salloum Haddad, Mohamed Haddaki, Nadine Khoury and others.

List of Syrian series scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 1444-2023:

Smile, General

The events of the series, Smile, General, revolve around a family that seizes power, and a violent struggle arises between two brothers in the family. The first inherited power from his father.

Various conflicts arise within the family, all of which focus on issues of governance, authority, and the roles played by each of the conflicting parties in the family.

After the first announcement of the series, accounts on social media circulated various projections of the characters in the series and the nature of the role of each character on the ground. Which was denied by the hero of the work, Maxim Khalil, pointing out that what is currently being circulated on some communication sites on the subject of the series Smile, General, are baseless improvisations, and any information or details related to this work will be revealed later through writer Samer Radwan or the media office of the producing company. .

A few days ago, the Syrian actor, Maxim Khalil, published pictures of his character in the series, and Maxim said, commenting on one of the pictures: “On the contrary, my people elected me because they love me,” noting that the sentence is from the series Smile, General. The series will be shown on Syria TV and on Al-Araby 2.

The series is produced by the Metafora Artistic Production Company, directed by Urwa Muhammad and written by Samer Radwan. Maxim Khalil, Abdel Hakim Qetaifan, Reem Ali, Mazen Al-Natour, Azza Al-Bahra, Sawsan Arshid, Farah Bseiso, Marah Jabr and Ghatfan Ghanoum participate in the series.

The series Alley of the Jinn 2023

The series Alley of the Jinn 2023, which is a work from the Levantine environment and pictures of the work in Syria, and the events of the series take place in an area called Alley of the Jinn or what the Damascenes know as the Al-Basateen area.

The director of the work, Tamer Ishaq, denies that the series is a kind of documentation, and does not go beyond being a dramatic fantasy, which means that the details and events contained in the series are fictional.

Ayman Zidan, Amal Arafa, Shukran Murtaja, Safaa Sultan, Abdel Moneim Amayri, Amana Wali, Shadi Zidan, Emarat Rizk, Gianna Eid, Najah Safkouni, and many young faces who became famous in the past few years, such as Hassan Khalil, Hammam Ayman Reda, Loris Rizk and Eliana Saad, participated in the series, Alley of the Jinn 2023.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian actor Shadi Zidan participated in the filming of the series Zuqaq al-Jin, and he died on February 24 at the age of 49, after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.

Al-Zand series: Wolf of the Orontes – 2023

The series Al-Zand: Wolf of the Orontes – 2023 follows the pattern of the previous parts of the Al-Hiba series in its five seasons, whose events revolved around groups of warring mafias, in which the Syrian actor Tim Hassan played the starring role as Jabal Sheikh Al-Jabal, except that Tim will appear in the new series with a close character. Kind of old with a slight change in haircut and name.

And Al-Zand: The Wolf of the Orontes is a social series that takes place in a specific time and place. It was written by the Syrian writer Omar Abu Saada, directed by Samer Al-Barqawi, and produced by Cedars Art Production (Sabah Brothers).

Tim Hassan, Dana Mardini, Reham Al-Qassar, Felda Sammour, Basil Haidar, Nihal Al-Khatib, Mazen Abbas, Fouad Wakeel, Wissam Reda and others participated in the series.

Al-Arabji series 2023

The series Al-Arabji 2023 is inspired by the Levantine environment and belongs to a specific historical period between the years 1800 and 1830 AD. Bassem Yakhour, the owner of the starring role in the work, says that the work is fictional, not documentary, and does not go beyond being an approach to a historical stage in Damascus. The main goal of the series is the story and general ideas that are intended to be communicated through The story, according to Yakhour’s statements to the Fuchsia art platform.

And about the events of the series; It revolves around Abdo (Bassem Yakhour), who works as a charioteer of horse-drawn carriages (Arabji) as a fixed craft in Damascus, and when he falls in love with a girl called Najia and she rejects him, Abdo tries to do the impossible to reach her heart and get close to her.
The series Al-Arabji 2023, written by Othman Juha and Moayad Al-Nabulsi, and Bassem Yakhour participated in putting touches and some points of view on the text.

Actors Basem Yakhour, Abdo Al-Arabji, Salloum Haddad, Nadine Khoury, Talal Mardini, Fares Yaghi, Dima Kandalaft, Rawa Yassin, Tariq Maraachli, Tolin Bakri, Abdel Rahman Qweider, Sufouh Mimas and Sewar Hassan, participate in the work.

Bab Al-Hara series 13

Filming the Bab Al-Hara series began in 2006 with director Bassam Al-Mulla, and continued directing it to the ninth part, then it was acquired by the “Qaband” artistic production company, following legal disputes with “Al-Mulla”, who later abandoned it.

The producer of the work, Muhammad Qaband, announced, after acquiring the series, his intention to continue filming new parts of the work until it reaches “The Cellular World,” as he described it.

And the new part of “Bab Al-Hara 13”, written by Marwan Kawouk and directed by Manal Omran, and the events in the series move from Al-Salihiya neighborhood to Al-Daba’a neighborhood, and the events take place in the period of the end of the French mandate and the declaration of Syria as an independent state, according to the “Cinema” art website.

Najah Safkouni – Radwan Aqili – Fadia Khattab – Rawa Yassin – Rana Abyad – Rabab Kanaan – Ali Karim – Tayseer Idris – Qassem Malho – Nizar Abu Hajar – Abeer Shams El Din – Huda Al Shaarawy and others participate in the work.

Interview series with Mr. Adam 2

The series Interview with Mr. Adam is a Syrian work that enters the classification of crime series. The events of the second part of it continue the plot that began in the previous part, where Dr. Adam’s daughter is kidnapped, so he works to find members of the gang that kidnapped his daughter Hayat to take revenge on them.

The work deals with the issue of human organ trafficking, where the Syrian actor Ghassan Massoud plays the character of Dr. Adam, an expert in forensic medicine, while the artist Muhammad Al-Ahmad plays the character of the investigator Ward.

Sabaya series 6

The first part of the Sabaya series began in 2009, with a comic template whose story revolved around five girls living in one house, and most of the events of the series take place in an apartment in which they live.
The first and second parts of Sabaya were filmed in Syria, while the third part was filmed between Syria and Beirut, the fourth part was fully filmed in Dubai, and the fifth part in Beirut.

The series is directed by Fadi Wafai and starring Dima Bayaa, Jenny Esber, Nazli Al-Rawas, Mirna Shalfoun, Shukran Murtaja, Shadi Al-Safadi, Osama Al-Romani and others.

It also presents another group of Syrian series, including:

The Qabban Money series
Jam Ezz series
Haret al-Qobba series 3
Autumn series
Cherry series
North Circle series
Eye of the Sun series
Breaking bones series – catacombs
Night wolves series
Canon series

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