May 29, 2023

The disclosure of the all-new Apple phone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, has begun. Its new phone comes as a development and update for the previous version. The iPhone 15 Pro Max has cameras that come with new technology and high accuracy. As for the A17 Bionic processor, it is the same as that found in all iPhone series. The new one is the leader among all competitors’ processors in the upper category, and the operating system is very stable, in addition to continuing to receive updates for the system for a long time. Its advantages, disadvantages, and price, and does it provide real value for the price, or are there other phones that offer higher features.

The expected price of iPhone 15 Pro Max in Turkey

An approximate price for the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been updated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in various Arab countries as well, and this is a known matter, as prices vary from time to time, and in countries of the world based on the advantages and specifications included in the phone, as the price of iPhone 15 Pro Max according to the version came as follows:

  • The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max Star 256 GB in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been set to be approximately 5100 Saudi riyals.
  • The price of the phone in Turkey is 60,000 Turkish liras.
  • With regard to the United Arab Emirates, the price is 4700 dirhams.
  • The price of the iPhone 15, 512 GB, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also been set at 5700 Saudi riyals.
  • While in the United Arab Emirates, its price is approximately 5120 AED.

iPhone 15 Pro Max release date in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi company Apple also indicated that it was decided that the iPhone 15 will be released in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in all countries around the world in general in the month of September of the current year 2023 AD, which corresponds to the month of Rabi` al-Awwal in the year 1445 AH, where we find that there is a great wait from people for Introducing the new iPhone.

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