May 29, 2023

As soon as the catastrophe of the devastating earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey on the sixth of February passed, people in Turkey began to turn to buying several things that some saw as strange and unfamiliar, but they were associated with serious thinking in the event of similar new tremors that they might help save people’s lives before and during the occurrence. Earthquake, especially when the building in which the person resides collapses.

Of these purchases, Orient Net counted 3 strange things that people hurried to acquire, although many of them are not convinced of the usefulness of some of them, especially earthquake birds, which were rumored to be able to predict a disaster, in addition to other things that some tried to put in the house in order to keep them safe. Salvation is:

1- Earthquake birds:

Ikhlas News Agency reported that people showed obvious interest in the songbirds after information that they were fluttering, fussing and making a lot of noise before the earthquake in Van state.

She added that sales increased on birds such as (chrysanthemums, canaries, and parrots) due to allegations that birds are equipped to detect tremors seconds before they occur, while a trader mentioned that many animals have reactions before an earthquake, albeit for a short period.

The Turkish trader explained that production cannot keep up with the increasing demand, and for this reason prices have risen a lot, and the acquisition of birds is much more beneficial than the acquisition of other animals because of the ease of feeding them at home and their low cost.

2 – old mobile phone:

As the earthquake led to an increase in demand for it, after it proved its effectiveness in the recent disaster, and that it is resistant to destruction, as it withstood the collapse of the building for days, despite the lack of electricity and charging, according to Milliyet newspaper.

The Turkish newspaper indicated that many people have switched to old pressure phones because shipping has lasted for a long time, and they have started searching for companies that sell them in many cities and states.

For his part, the phone seller, Erdem Gozgo, said that after the earthquakes, sales of push-button phones increased and their stock decreased. In the past, they were sold to soldiers and students, but after these earthquakes, everyone now owns them.

3- Children’s games:

Among the strange things that everyone rushed to buy are (dolls and children’s toys) in order to gift them to orphaned children who were injured during the earthquake and lost their families, as the football fans surprised everyone in the “Besiktas and Antalyaspor” match, and they threw thousands of dolls on the field.

And the “en son haber” website stated that the match witnessed emotional moments in the first minutes, as the fans threw their toys on the field in the fourth and seventeenth minute of the match, which represents the time of the earthquake disaster.

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