May 21, 2023

Newspapers and social media reported the tragedy of a Turkish businessman who lost his famous chain of stores in Antakya after the devastating earthquake that struck the region last month, killing tens of thousands and displacing millions.

According to “Hurriyet” newspaper, “Muhammad Polanik,” the famous businessman, was displaced from his house, which was destroyed by the earthquake, and he only had a tent in which he lived as the poorest person, after he owned 23 shops with 400 employees, in addition to 8 homes that he lost all of them in the recent disaster.

“Paulanik” stated during a television interview that he had nothing left of his possessions except a teapot without a cover that he found among the rubble, pointing out that his middle boy was complaining about the breakfast food consisting of 20 kinds and he did not like this at all and said: “There is no Something to eat.” And now, indeed, there was nothing left to eat but a small sandwich.

The rich Turkish confirmed that he is happy now, not because he has nothing, but because his family is fine, hoping that his children have learned the lesson well, and he also considered that the teapot that he found is his hidden treasure and the owner of the secret of his happiness.

“Paulanik” indicated that there are unpaid installments owed by him to the banks, and that he did not leave Hatay to continue his work again, as he had about 400 employees, some of whom died and others went to other cities.

And the Turkish rich indicated that what makes him happy now is that his employees are calling him and saying, “Let’s go back to work to get up again,” and this in turn helps restore life in the city, explaining that, unfortunately, there are some banks calling him and asking for debt installments that he owes without regard to the earthquake disaster. .

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