May 16, 2023

A few days ago, some Turkish banks announced that they would provide new facilities for Syrian refugees who benefit from the SOY program and who hold the Red Crescent aid card.

It is noteworthy that the Soy program for financial assistance was launched four years ago, and it is offered by some countries in the European Union. Under the program, a refugee card is provided through which he receives monthly financial assistance.

At the beginning of each month, the bank exchanges of the “Hulk Bank” witness crowds of Syrian refugees in Turkey who have the Red Crescent card, with the aim of obtaining the assistance provided through the SOY program, which is supervised by the Turkish Red Crescent.

Recently, some other Turkish banks have allowed refugees to withdraw money through thousands of their own ATMs in various Turkish cities.

Some Turkish banks revealed that they have opened the way for refugees who have the Red Crescent card to withdraw their money from their own ATMs without any interest or commissions.

With this step, the options for Syrian refugees who benefit from the SOY program became many.

Among the banks that opened the way for the Syrians are four, including the first and main bank, which is the Al-Halak Bank, and the automated bank teller allows withdrawals in Arabic.

This bank is considered the favorite of many refugees because they do not master the Turkish language yet

The second bank is Waqf Bank Katilim. Waqf ATMs differ in one step from Halal Bank, which is that the bank teller will display an additional phrase when withdrawing, which is (banka tahsilat etmeyecektir). This previous sentence means that the bank teller informs you that he did not charge any fees for the withdrawal process.

As for the third bank, which is the Ziraat Bank, it also has the same step as in the Waqf Katilim Bank, which is the phrase not collecting fees.

The fourth bank is the Turkish Endowment Bank, and the endowment is also distinguished by the fact that it does not take any fees or commissions on the withdrawal process.

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