May 29, 2023

Controversial Dutch scientist Frank Hogrebits seems to have had enough of the warnings that appear at the bottom of every tweet he posts or video he shares.

Today, Sunday, he attacked, in tweets, “scientists” who underestimate the importance of his theory about the influence of planets and their alignment on seismic activity.

And he considered that Turkey was not the only one that witnessed a devastating earthquake last month, but rather that “the entire scientific community began to shake,” given the flow of warnings at the bottom of every tweet he published.

He also re-adhered to his research and theories, considering that the claim that the theory of the influence of planets on the movement of earthquakes has been refuted is wrong and is based on non-scientific grounds.

He stressed that his studies are based on research and specific scientific data.

Massive earthquake

Hogrepets had repeatedly warned during the past days of massive seismic activity in the first week of March, but nothing of the kind happened, at least on this scale.

It is noteworthy that Frank occupied the communication sites last month, after he predicted 3 days ago that the earthquake in Turkey, which struck the south of the country on the sixth of February, would kill more than 50,000 people. Then his predictions came later, and some of them were correct.

However, most scientists around the world and earthquake experts agree that there is no relationship between the movement of planets, seismic activity, and the movement of active plates. They also stress that the date of an earthquake cannot be predicted.

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